This is one of Diana's readings that should give you an idea of how she works. Hold on to your hat if you are new to spiritual practice or just learning to be open to all possibilities.

Health Postings
We've passed so many of these on to people with such fantastic results, that now we have them posted all in one place.

Salt Water Cleansing
Magic Glass
Pokiany - Penance
Potassium Soup
Sauna Cleansing
Nerves and Sleeping

Diana's Book - poetry translated from Russian into English. It loses about 3 levels of meaning in the process, but you should get the idea.
Other Postings - I kept hearing Diana work with people on an individual basis and thought, "Ya know, I think there is a lot of other people that may need similar messages. So... I decided to post a few one liners; one per day to see how people feel about working on themselves and daily practice.
Kamran & Mapa
The First Book of Travels of Kamran the Kangaroo and Mapa the Elephant. A children's book with stories full of wisdom, truth and love.

Marc's Home Page and
What it's like living in Nepal after 1.5 years
We've had lots of feedback on this one from people around the world. One fellow said, "I've read 5 guidebooks on Nepal, but no one gave me the feel for the country like you did in such a short message. Thank you!"

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on-the-trail.jpg (13600 bytes)About the Energy Information Center

In mid-1997, Diana and I (Marc) made a journey to a popular pilgrimage site on the Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal. On this trek to Muktinath, we had the feeling that this was not a usual place. Many people, seers, and legends tell of the story of Shambala - perhaps our journey on the ground was a journey in our hearts.

Nevertheless, our lives where changed. The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal has a reputation for having this effect on people. For Diana, this change was not so uncommon. From an early age she has been gifted with a kind of 'sensitivity' that is difficult to put into words.

Now we have come together to form the Energy Information Center in Kathmandu. While working with people from all over the world that travel through this magic land, many interesting stories unfold. We'll tell you about our lives and some of these stories in the moments, days, and weeks that follow. Watch for the translation concerns as Diana's native tongue is Russian.

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Please Note: We left Nepal in April of 2001 and relocated to another fantastic place in Asia. This site will be kept in place for archive purposes.

See our new site in Chiang Mai, Thailand and learn about Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreat at

Marc Cofer & Diana Manilova

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