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October 12th, 1997 - Magic Glass

Is it real glass?
Certainly! The glass is real. Diana usually prefers champagne or wine bottles. These were difficult to obtain in Nepal, so we opted for bottles from a local beer - 40 of them to be exact. The glass is collected, washed, fired in an oven for 15 minutes for sterilization and then broken. Diana then works with the energy of the glass. She cleans it of the energy of all those that have handled it previously so that is 'clean'.

Are you hypnotized?
Not when your laughing hysterically like Flora in this picture. If you more than Flora's 11 years, your ego may require some encouragement. This is accomplished by approaching the glass with closed eyes. Repeat after me "I have a key. I may do anything I want. May feet are elastic and flexible. I will give all of my pain to the glass." Now step with your left foot first...

Can I walk on the glass without Diana's presence?

You may do anything you want. You just said so up above. Many people ask this question. Usually in dismay after they have accomplished the feat (or feet) for the first time. Some people come to Nepal to climb mountains. And, of course, some surely do!

But why should I walk or lay on broken glass?
As I try to translate Diana's Russian one more time, she grabs the every-popular Russian/English dictionary in our home and shows me a word in Russian that means 'discharge of a cartridge'. I assume this means firing a bullet. This is her description of what working with glass does for the body. The glass provides for a massage of the bodies inner organs (lungs, kidneys, heart and liver). Of course, we cannot reach in a manipulate our organs, but what we can do is provide for faster and better blood circulation. Diana says, new capillaries may also be formed through this stimulation.

Are you ready to go on the glass?
Please, come visit us in Nepal to do just that. We even have a place for you to sleep. Flora asked, (her father translated from French) "I may sleep on the glass?" Looking at her father, she asked another question after walking without hesitation; can adults walk on the glass also? I answered that usually they must receive help and encouragement from their children first.

Flora also decided that maybe she could carry the glass with her while trekking.

Flora and her father, Joel, are on a one year world trip with her mother, Clem and sister, Margot. Now, before trekking the famous Annapurna Circuit and traveling through the Chitwan National Park Safari, they've had a mini holiday. Working with glass can be very relaxing. If you would like to know more about their trip and a family traveling abroad, see their very creative and interactive web site at