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October 29th, 1997 - Penance
Salt Water for the Soul

Hello Mr. D,

I'm responding to your last email and will post on the web for others to know about this program. The program is 'pokiany' - Russian for Penance. Normally this will follow Salt Water Cleansing.

I received your last email and upon sharing with Diana, she began downloading the following information. Penance for you personally starts slowly. Your 'body' has lots of energy. We may speak of energy concerning the body, mind and the soul.
Your 'soul' does not have so much energy. Realize I'm translating broken English and my past 'New Age' view of energy has changed dramatically. There is so much ego tied to, "How does my aura look?" Energy is the word Diana uses, but you may assume there is a much greater meaning than what I/you have read or spoken of in the past. Energy is life force and God Love.
Speaking of any kind of energy is not really possible except as it applies to balance and harmony between the body, mind and soul. Your brain uses energy when thinking or feeling strong emotions (both of these are ego - this is new to me). Your body uses energy through work, love and emotions. Your soul energy is where you are lacking.
Penance is saying "I am sorry." First, "I am sorry for hurting others." Second, "I am sorry to others for hurting me." When I mentioned that you must start slowing, I am referring to the first step. The second will only come later. Diana recommended 7 days of Penance for me by using 2 hours each day.
Set aside 2 hours. Burn at least one candle. Incense is good. Set the time aside as sacred time for yourself to be alone. I start with my old Catholic prayers "Our Father" and "The Hail Mary". I also use the ancient Buddhist "Om Mani Pami Hum" mantra to go deep within myself. Sometimes it takes me one hour just to get inside and open.
When you say "I'm sorry," you must see the person. You must remember clothing, time of day, smells, location, and circumstances. Remember everything. Some days are very clear for me and others are like smoke. Say "I'm sorry. I love you. Forgive me. Please, I love you. I'm sorry. Thank you. I hurt you. I'm sorry." Diana said that you may write each person's name and the words like above.
When I first started this practice, I ask Diana if 7 days was enough. She laughed and said she's been doing this since her grandmother died when she was 17. That's an amazing story that I hope will make the web site one day.
Your program is to go slowly with step one. Step two is be more difficult so you must work up to it.
Diana says that when we are born, God provides for all of the life energy that we will need to live for 100 years. Humans have lived 1,000 and 2,000 years in earlier civilizations. When we are born, we use energy when we go from water to air. This is what rebirthing practice is all about.
She says, as we grow, we use our soul energy when we have big emotion. When we feel strong emotions, we give our energy to the air. When we practice Penance we may take this energy back. This is the situation with L., but she's not ready yet.
Diana said L's work with her mother is illusion. All her practice is illusion. She said, L must be feeling. If resolve with her mother is what she is feeling, then she must go with it. Really, she will have to do this work later.
It works like this. A person comes with us who is a Reiki Master and has been doing meditation with seeds for 10 years (2 years very seriously). When Diana took information from her teacher, she asked the person what he remembered about his pastlife(s). For a 'master' this should be simple.
The person responded. I have no interest in pastlifes and all that. I am only interesting in living in the moment. This was an ego response. He's not open. Diane said that his work with seeds was so beautiful, he should keep doing it so that he may raise himself. He's human and must grow up she said.
Really, in his pastlife, he was a German researcher experimenting with women, animals, and breeding. He would impregnate women with animals through copulation. Then he would kill the women in various stages of their pregnancy to watch the breeding cycle of the embryo. Obviously, this would be big penance work and the person is simple not ready.
Diana warned him about doing any pastlife work, which he scoffed at. She planted the seed, so that he may know how serious it will be for him when he is ready.
Now, L, has a similar situation. The spontaneous abortion, the work with her mother, and her illusionary work with herself are all part of her program. Diana said this is all perfectly OK. L is open to channel, regressions and work with you, but not to additional work with her mother. See how is works? Hence, her mother will be able to continue using her energy. Diana mentioned before how sensitive this work will be for L. This really isn't play.
She recommended that L should not do Penance. She said working with her body is the best place to begin. The recommended reading is Carlos Castenada's book on Woman of War. I'm assuming, this means Warrior Women or some translation like that. She should begin the practice that Carlo's recommends.
Diana said that you will be able to help L after your Penance work. You must know what is better for you. She said your life is simple. I think this means, you'll have no big tragedies and dramas. She may mean, for you, life is simple. She said after your Penance work, you may speak with God. You will have answers to any questions you may have.
When you begin, make sure to write down all of the names of people whom your are beating. Beating translates as emotional, physical and psychological thrashing I assume. Eventually, you should be able to recall every situation without emotion; not suppressing emotion, but pushing past it. At this point you will be taking your energy back. Of course, this will come only after the buckets of tears and hours of sobbing. Very similar to Osho's Mystic Rose meditation, where you peel back the layers of the onion to find your soul.
Now, to the hard part. After step one of Penance based on 'who you are beating,' you begin with 'those that are beating you.' This is a key for you and me. You must say the whole line "I'm sorry ..." and then "thank you."
Why is this work so difficult? When we are born and we give all the energy God provided for us to the air, we can no longer listen to God. Ugh! This is my work now and very difficult to write. My heart is breaking. I am feeling him now working with me. "I'm sorry," becomes God's I'm sorry to you and the God inside you, that is you, giving you forgiveness. This is so beautiful for everyone with karmic sickness says Diana. For anyone that has died in your family, this will be very powerful.
I/You were not really ever separated from God. Ugh! So much beautiful forgiveness was waiting for me all of these years. I only had to open to God's love.
I know your life situation. The cause for being beaten so many times was because God couldn't speak to you. You were responsible for these beatings. This is your work for your soul. All of the past beatings that other's did to you, were your own exercise. You may now take back all of this energy. This work is so important for R in Berkeley. I have more information about what comes next, but cannot write of it yet.
You now have physical (body) power through your current work. Now, it's time for you to bring back the energy of your soul. I think A, your Kung Fu teacher, has been waiting a long time for this moment to come in your work. I'm feeling him often.
Your old situations where people have beaten you, provided you with the teaching that you could not receive directly from feeling God's love. When you take back this energy for your soul, you're mixing your energy with all of these past people. You can image what this means for myself and F in Los Angeles. I may only say, "Thank you. I am sorry. Thank you for the lessons. Thank you for the teachings." This is a gift. All of the beatings are really gifts. Really!
So, God Love brings all of your energy back to you. This will open the dialogue with Him/Her/All that Is. Diana says, that after this work, you may realize your life; what it was that you were born to do. You may help people. Feeling love deeper lets you help people. She says to tell you, "Thank you. Thank you for doing this work. Thank you for working on yourself. I love you. You're so beautiful. You may do this."

"Penance for Soul is like Salt Water for the Body." - Diana Manilova