Postings for January 1998

January 1, 1998
This is the year of the tiger, it is a very difficult year. this is not a year to make big decisions or changes. Only do as you planned last year or continue doing what was successful for you last year.

January 2, 1998
Now, this high lama may have an accident very soon involving a ceremony with his horse. I sent a message with the man today who is his student to warn him. He may already have people around him who have told him of this situation.

January 3, 1998
I spoke today with a man from Russia. I told him of my work with another man in Russia who wanted to build a center in the forest for working with people. When I entered the forest I could only smell catastrophe and death. Many people had been killed and/or tortured there. I opened the man for him to feel and he collapsed. After he revived, I told him we must continue walking through the area while he was open. He pleaded to stop, but we continued. When we finished, I told him he must first build 2 temples for the souls of these people before building his center. Today, the Russian man that came to visit said that there are 3 temples by this man's center.

January 4, 1998
How may I work with her? She has no energy. Maybe this lifetime she has a holiday.

January 5, 1998
When you sing - I mean 'really' sing you open all of these chakras and your body is an instrument.

January 6, 1998
I may not work with everyone. I may only do as my teacher tells me. The person may decide if they are ready, then my teacher may set a program.

January 7, 1998
We must say 'thank you' for everything. Thank you God for everything. I may only not say thank you for taking my son.

January 8, 1998
I may not touch another person's karma. This is key. I do not want to have life again on the Earth.

January 9, 1998
I told her 3 months ago that she may have a critical sickness. She listened, but did not change. Now, she has walking pneumonia.

January 10, 1998
When I see inside his brain, I see electricity and light. No where may someone else be like this; not America, not Japan. He's like Einstein. But, he has no balance. he has no energy of the ground. Very soon he may be schizophrenic and in 3 years he may die.

January 11, 1998
When I work with someone and my teachers in the sky set a program for cleaning or healing, the time for that program is set at that time. If people wait one week or until their schedule clears, that time has past and I many not help them.

January 12, 1998
Now you must (have sex) and dance. You are playing with men.You have woman problems with your body. Your hormones are moving. You must have sex. You need mixed energy for balance.

January 13, 1998
Usually, the person who is speaking most at the table does not have mixed energy (is not having sex).

January 14, 1998 - Diana's Birthday toast to Friends
For me, I'm feeling all of you I have known for 1 to 6 months like old, old friends. I remember your and my own pastlives together back 400 to 500 years as though it was yesterday. So for me, this is a gathering of my oldest friends and family. I love you all so much.

January 15, 1998
I am beating everyone. But, I am only beating people that are open and ready to be beaten. If a person is not ready, he may go to the doctor and take pills (stolen quote from a Tibetan tantric teacher/healer).

January 16, 1998
If you have love, you may do miracles.

January 17, 1998
You are changing. You have so much energy. Your body is being healed. But, you are using 1/2 your energy for America. With your energy, you may work miracles. But, 1/2 your heart and 1/2 your mind is in the past. You are America and you are here now. Be here now. I am behind you. Take the next step. Do not be afraid.

January 18, 1998
When I told her 14 year old son he may walk on the glass, he screamed and yelled, 'I don't want to. No!' He was so funny. I had to laugh and laugh. Of course, he's only 14 so I could laugh at him. But if he had been much older, I wou7ld only laugh inside. For old people I must be very strong and very serious.

January 19, 1998
All his life he is joking and laughing, But now, he's tired. He is ready to be open. He is tired of playing. He is feeling he has no one who may really love him. He has no shoulder where he may rest his head and cry. So much pain. Now he's feeling you. He is feeling me. He is feeling channel.

January 20, 1998
I love all these people. Everyone that I am working with. How else may I heal, unless I love?

January 21, 1998
You have no balance. You have only electricity. You have no magnetism. You have only thoughts and mental energy. You may have no realization. Go into the sun. Feel the Sun and the Earth. You need magnetism. You need balance. 3 times per day. The Sun and Earth may give you magnetism. Balance your energy and you may have realization.

January 22, 1998
Before, her mother was schizophrenic. She was eating her energy. Now, her daughter has her mother's soul. She's eating her again. That's why she feels her soul is lost.

January 23, 1998
When you stay next to your mother, she's eating your energy and you will always want drugs. When you went away from your mother, she had cancer. Now she may not eat your energy. That's why the astrologer said you must not stay under your mother and father's roof.

January 24, 1998
Gypsies are very beautiful. They are natural. They're very close to Shamans.

January 25, 1998
When I asked her what she knew about the Kagbeni area, she began with the longitude and latitude. I told her about it being an area for growing human civilization after the catastrophe of Atlantis. She asked how I knew this and I explained that my teacher in the sky showed me while I was trekking. I asked if she had been trekking and she said no. I said, 'Yes you have. You trek through the library.'

January 26, 1998
Vitamin A is very beautiful for your eyes. But, why put beautiful things in a dirty body. When your insides are full of schlock, Vitamin A is not interesting. First, drink salt water.

January 27, 1998
We may take energy from the sun. But, this is little energy. Big energy may be taken from vacuum.

January 28, 1998
Why don't you write everything that I said? That the energy to be taken from vacuum is from the Ether. Elements exist there, but have no magnetism. Scientists may not write a molecular formula for them. It's like chaos. Within the vacuum of each black hole is another civilization. They may use this energy. What scientist don't know is that black holes not only take-in everything, they give-out viruses. When people die, these civilizations may take their energy. They are connected to anti-matter.

January 29, 1998
I am feeling her worrying, worrying, worrying - about her new friend. Why is she worrying so much? I told her she will have a beg catastrophe concerning love when she is 42. Now she is still in her 30's. Why is she worried about this man now, like this is the catastrophe she will not have have until she is 42?

January 30, 1998
When she was growing in her mother's womb, her mother's mother and the Lama's soul both wanted her body. Now she has got the Lama's soul and a bit of her grandmother's. I may not help her until she has women day. Now she is young and this situation God decided.

January 31, 1998
Cancer is not a simple sickness. Now she has been working for a few weeks. She has feeling in her legs and feet for the first time in 10 years. But, one or two months, this is nothing. She may work a long, long time with this sickness.

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