Postings for February 1998

February 1, 1998
Why is she talking so much? So much wasted energy. She's not mixing energy (having sex).

February 2, 1998
came to wake you, but my teacher told me not to. Your teachers were working with you while you slept, my teacher said. When you finally remembered your dream about Atlantis, I knew it was OK to tell you.

February 3, 1998
Some stories about people are hard to believe. One man I was working with married a woman and had a daughter. He left her, married another woman and had a son. After eleven years he let her also. He met his first wife and they married again. After a short time he told her he had to leave her. The reason he said: 'Every time I see our twelve year old daughter, I want to have sex with her'. This was not true. Really, he was only tired of playing like a husband and father. He wanted to drink, cuss and hang out with his friends.

February 4, 1998
You are feeling the government representative you met with today as serious. The first time you met with the government, you felt you were being played with. Both meetings were your mirror. First you were playing and today you were serious. Why else did you ask for your Vasco De Gama Medallion this morning? Today, you were playing Vasco De Gama.

February 5, 1998
Now it's time for pokiany (penance). When you are feeling 'I made a mistake.' The first time you are feeling this is like a pimple. You begin to feel it growing. Best to purge it as soon as possible so it does not continue to grow bigger inside. Time for pokiany.

February 6, 1998
Listening to Santana's Greatest Hits -
I like when he's feeling deeply - when he plays slowly - without so much expression.

February 7, 1998
How simple are all things when you have harmony.

February 8, 1998
After death of 3 year old boy from stomach cancer:

When we went to the Tibetan Tantric healer, remember I told you that he seemed to be doing 'puja' (offering to God) for the boy as though he were dead or going to die. But, our translator tried to explain this as a healing technique. The translator was not feeling the Tibetan's work, but this I could not tell him.

February 9, 1998
Really we have two hearts, but people don't know this. Our physical heart is toward the center of our chest and the heart of our soul is located above the navel.

February 10, 1998
I wonder what colors you are using to design your new products? I can give you a key - you must use high (sky) blue, violet and yellow. Blue for Earth - Sky and Water, Violet for god and yellow for healing the soul-heart and for wisdom.

Response: You just named the colors that people are saying will be the next trend in designs for our products.

February 11, 1998
She took her to the same doctor that said he should operate two weeks ago. Today the analysis came back and he said no surgery would be necessary. When the doctor asked what she had been doing, she told about as much of the treatment as she thought he could handle. He said, whatever you did, it was beautiful.

February 12, 1998
There is no key to prevent your stress. You may only be open to God, that is the key. It is not a lesson, it is a practice. Time for pokiany (penance).

February 13, 1998
Now people all over the Earth have forgotten God. Everything is only money and ego. When I tell people about the coming catastrophe that ego will bring, people only want to know the best place to be to make money.

February 14, 1998
The answer to his question is the same as our first email to him months ago. All of the women in his life were mirrors for him at those times. If he's looking for a life mate, only he many change. Now again he has questions. Months have past, but the answers the same. Life will teach him.

February 15, 1998
When you see a mountain in your path, you decide to attack it with a knife and fork. The mountain is there for you. The lesson is to learn to go around it.

February 16, 1998
An old thanka master may be commissioned to meditate in Muktinath for 21 days without paint or canvas. After, he may feel what colors are available that he may use to create a new mandala with energy for now. I give you this idea because I can not realize all the information that I am given.

February 17, 1998
You want to know why you were having problems with your computer? Because you are not doing pokiany (penance). Your teacher will always give you the message. Now is time to speak with yourself. Go inside. Speak with God. Now is time for pokiany.

February 18, 1998
I asked her how she was feeling Jesus. Everyone remembers him from the past. But, we are not in the past. We are changing and so is Jesus.

February 19, 1998
Now she has a serious sickness. She knows this as ashma, but doesn't know she's borderline turberculosus. She has practice with Buddhism so she knows and is working with her soul and mind, but this is not all. She cannot forget to work with ther body.

February 20, 1998
When we followed the young boy through the streets of Bhaktapur, he lead us through the mandala with its tempo and energy. He has the energy of the area because he lives there. By following him, he gave us the opportunity to fly.

February 21, 1998
What are you doing here? Did you come all the way to Nepal to worry about your wife? OK, worry about your wife in America for two weeks while your in Nepal. Then, go home. - Or, forget about worrying, work with yourself and send her love.

February 22, 1998
The Sun gives us wisdom, truth and love. It has these things, so does the Earth, the Stone, You and Me. The Sun gives us life by giving us these 3 things.

February 23, 1998
You may change your situation only when you change.

February 24, 1998
No matter what decision my son made - No matter what mistake was made or repeated, I trusted and believed in him. This is really Love.

February 25, 1998
It's simple to be important, but difficult to be simple.

February 26, 1998
You were afraid to go to school, because someone may say, 'You're not good.' This is on reason why you had so much tension, stomach problems and headaches.

February 27, 1998
When your're all alone, when you suffer, when you feel pain - then, you may feel God.

February 28, 1998
When you feel tension, when you feel pressure, you're not feeling God.

February 29 - Timeloop
Why were you not loved as a child? Why your mother? Why your father? This, you must ask you teacher.

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