Postings for March 1998

March 1, 1998
You told me this new man that has made an appointment to see me knows about so many things. Buddhism, Healing, Channeling, etc. Now, he has called for three days to cancel his appointment due to stomach problems and diarrhea. He knows all of these things, but this is his ego. Now, his ego is afraid.

March 2, 1998
When I worked with her today, she was sensitive and felt when I was working with her and when I called my friends from the sky. She said, 'You're not alone.' I said, 'Sure, I never work alone.'

March 3, 1998
When I saw here lungs today, I saw the left one had completely stopped working. Only 16% of the right one was working. An hour after our work, she said she felt her left lung working. Really, she's very sensitive.

March 4, 1998
The first time I read Carlos Casteneda, I was amazed. How could his teacher, Don Juan know how to speak my language so clearly. Then I read an Indian mystic, Osho and Sai Baba. All of these put into words what I have been feeling for so many years. They have 'language' for many people.

March 5, 1998
Now you must forget them. You are changing. You may leave your past. When you have changed, others will feel you.

March 6, 1998
Edgar Cacye's readings about Atlantis are correct. All our scientific breakthroughs are only re-discoveries. Now, our situation is similar, we have lost touch with God and many people may not speak with Him.

March 7, 1998
All the time he was away from his wife, she was missing his energy. Now he's returned and his work is in disarray and requires all his time. Really, this is his wife's work. She's ready to start eating him again. If he does pokiany with his wife, he will find all of his problems at work are simple with his capabilities.

March 8, 1998
The work you're doing now is play. This is not 'really' work. The work with the man you met today is 'really' work. If you cannot 'play' without pressure, you certainly don't have energy for 'real' work.

March 9, 1998
When you're feeling pain, you must love that pain. This is your body and your temple. Ask you body what it wants. Love you body, love your pain.

March 10, 1998
Your teacher knows how far you may go. Your teacher may push, but never too much.

March 11, 1998
When someone has balanced energy, their aura is like an egg-shaped ball. When our energy is not balanced, the egg shape is disturbed and another person's energy may interact with our energy. This is how our karma can bring another's karma into our lives.

March 12, 1998
Their auras' are both not balanced. She is eating his energy and he's eating her's. This is their karma.

March 13, 1998
When someone is nagging you, they may keep nagging. They're looking for energy. When/if you yell or get angry at them, that is the energy they're looking for and you give it to them.

March 14, 1998
He will never be lucky. If he may not see how lucky he is now to have the gift of a wife that loves him, he will never have luck.

March 15, 1998
After reading Edgar Cayce's trance-based reading on Atlantis:

This is so. He's beautiful. All of this is correct.

March 16, 1998
Sauna Cleaning
- Cover body with 1 Tablespoon of honey and sauna for 10 to 15 minutes. Exit and rinse. Cover body with 1/2 salt and 1/2 sodium bicarbonate mixture and sauna 10 to 15 minutes. Exit and rinse. Enter sauna and lie on a white towel and then alternate to a black towel. Look on the towels for dark and light 'needle like' formations of the chemicals held by and now released from the cells of your body.

March 17, 1998
Nerves and Sleeping
- Drink one cup of warm water with a Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and a teaspoon of honey before bed.

March 18, 1998
- Soak cotton socks in cold water and put them on your feet. Put 2 more pairs of dry, woolen socks over the wet ones. Cover your body and feet in blankets and go to sleep. Your feet should heat up and dry the socks. If you are having trouble sleeping and your feet remain cold, remove the wet socks and replace them with dry ones until you feel that you may sleep. Note: don't walk around with cold socks on. You may get up to pee pee, but make it quick.

March 19, 1998
Finish 'reading Carlos Casteneda.' Now you're feeling him. Now is time for practice, not thinking.

March 20, 1998
You have practice in your pastlives working/meditating with Water. You may now work with Air, Fire and Earth.

March 21, 1998
When you were born, you hadn't been on the Earth for a long time - maybe 120 years. Now, you've come back to work with your body. You have so much sickness. Now, you must work with nature. You must learn to balance your energy.

March 22, 1998
All the things you know now you've known in the past. This is your knowledge, remembering it is your wisdom.

March 23, 1998
Your mother may cure her cancer. She must change her body's metabolism. When she first had cancer, she changed her diet. But, this was not a permanent change. Now, she has cancer again. How does she think she may help herself unless she changes.

March 24, 1998
You may only help your mother with her illness by doing pokiany.

March 25, 1998
Now, I've been working with the blood clot in her brain. The clot is finished - only the vein is still swollen. Now, I'm giving her magnetism. She does not know how to take this energy naturally.

March 26, 1998
I gave her magnetism each time she came. Now, my body's energy is not balanced. It is easy for some people to heal by giving their energy. What's difficult is to stay focused on yourself and know when to balance your own energy.

March 27, 1998
She has a problem with her lungs. It's like she's living in a under the ground. Now, she's caught a cold in her lower back. She doesn't need blood test or pills from the doctor. I may help her in 3 days if she will do everything I tell her.

March 28, 1998
You made a salad with spinach and hot bacon grease. After you tasted it, you added apple vinegar. Your body is very clever, it knows the apple vinegar will help break down the grease.

March 29, 1998
All your life you're eating cooked tomatoes. This is one reason why you have kidney stones. Anyone eating cooked tomatoes has sand in their kidneys.

March 30, 1998
Now, he has a growth on his thyroid gland. If he takes the pills recommended by the doctor, this will break his body's metabolic balance. He may get very fat and will damage his heart.

March 31, 1998
He asked me for money to build a church for a village. I told him I may give money. But, first he must put a tent up and live with the people in the village. When they come to him for help, he may accept payment in stones to build the church. When everyone in the village is feeling him and desires to also build the church, then I will give money.

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