Postings for April 1998

April 1, 1998
He only had one question for me. 'What's the difference between white and black magic?' That's simple. White is with God, black is without.

April 2, 1998
He asked me if a psychic would ask, 'Who's there?' when someone knocks on there door. I told him, 'If it were you, they wouldn't answer at all.'

April 3, 1998
He asked me, 'What is extrasense?' I told him I didn't like that word. To me, it sounds like someone that is more sensitive than another.

April 4, 1998
He has so many beautiful things. I told him his problem now was with his body and reflexes. Now, he's 16 and should work the next 5 years with his body. If he doesn't do this, he'll end up like the 'idiot' in Dostyevsky's book - the idiot feels everything, but may not realize anything in his life. When he asked for more information about his life, I told him to read Dostyevsky.

April 5, 1998
She told me that she has dreams that sometimes come true and that she considered herself psychic. 'What is this about me?' she asked. I told her, you have one problem. You are keeping your soul down. You put pressure on yourself and do not realize what you need to give your soul.

April 6, 1998
When I spoke to the two young people (see April 4 and 5) in their group of four, the older couple looked at me and said, 'We've traveled with those two for the past 2 weeks. What you have said is exactly what we were feeling about both of them.'

April 7, 1998

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