Postings for 1997

November 23, 1997
- Potassium Soup
This soup has all of the organic minerals and organic salt that our body needs.

October 29, 1997 - Penance
Another email to a close friend about a possible follow-up to Salt Water Cleansing. Diana says that Penance is like Salt Water for the Soul.

October 12, 1997 - Magic Glass
Our current work in Nepal includes working with broken glass. Diana says that working with glass is utilizing the power of fire to massage organs inside the body. You may find out more about this work and see photos of Flora and her father, Joel, on the glass.

September 20th, 1997 - Salt Water Cleansing
This posting includes the recipe for an Elixir of Health and the Rituals required for cleaning your body prior to working with a healer. I've also included My Own Personal Salt Water Adventure story for your amusement.

September 19th, 1997 - Introduction to Energy and Information Work
See pictures of Sai Baba and Diana with her channel captured on film (maybe it was just old film). I've included a few assumptions that will help you understand where the Energy Information Center is coming from. I wrote this as an email to a friend and am still surprised any of it came from me. Is this what it's like to be a channel?

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