Nepal Energy Information Center

September 19th, 1997
Email work with a dear friend and his wife.

Well, well Mr. R.ster (Brother Sun) and Y. (Daughter Moon),

Now that work's out of the way, time to get to the 'real' work at hand. I have a few assumptions to make that may be deemed universal truths, or perhaps, we may say they are things that we may not 'go beyond'.

We're manifested on the planet by choice, total choice. We set the program with our teacher in the sky. We may have many lives on the earth. Some on the lives are 'important lives'. An important life is characterized by 'having realization' of what we came to the planet to accomplished, based on our 'program' set by ourselves and our teacher in the sky. This program involves cleaning past life karma and attempting to avoid 'repeated mistakes'. There are also other programs involving other realities, worlds, times, etc. But, for this discussion, I will try to keep with the Earth based program. Stay tuned for universal programs to arrive as they evolve.

We choose our parents. We choose our place of birth, etc. We may also choose to take on past life karma in the form of handicaps, tragedy, etc. This is karma that a 'healer' on the planet may not touch or disturb because it is part of our choice and sometimes part of a higher program than the 'healer'. A healer is a channel of God's love. A healer may help a person if they ask for help and are willing to do all of the work. If the person is clever, the teacher/healer instructs with 'You may' or 'You know'. If it is a stupid person, the teacher instructs with 'you must.'

When a healer begins healing he/she asks their teacher in the sky if they may work with this person. If it is not taboo, the healer may channel energy. For the healer to begin work, usually the person must be clean. Clean in the energy sense. If the person is not clean, the healer may set a program for cleaning before the work and healing can begin. The body manifest all sickness due to past life karma or current life karma caused from repeated mistakes. If we assume that there are higher level beings that are trying to send higher vibrational energy our direction, we must clean ourselves to begin receiving this energy.

One universal law is that we may not receive help from God unless we begin to feel God's love. This is usually best accomplished by our early childhood religious experiences. Where is the conscious/subconscious most connected to the feelings of universal love and acceptance? Shibumi!

All animate and inanimate objects have a spirit or spirit body. Many people know, see and feel spirits. Too many occurrences to be just written off. When a person dies, his/her spirit may stay on the earth plane helping others that are some way connected to his/her program for one year. If the survivors that are connected to the deceased can 'feel' this person, the deceased person may provide energy assistance from another plane.

One gentleman came to work with me and begin speaking to my wife, Diana, and made a statement concerning healing he had seen performed in Kathmandu concerning whether he 'believed' in what he saw. May response was very simple, why 'believe' any thing. Only be open to everything. When a person is open, he/she is without ego. When we discuss transcendence or witnessing when referring to meditation, we are really referring to the practice of become aware that thoughts and emotions of part of the ego. This is not a bad thing, only something to become aware of.

When we have awareness of our ego, we may utilize this often spoken of gremlin to effect something called causal virtual reality. Our thoughts and actions become our reality. This is not so far removed from visualization practice for healing or changing our lives. The idea here seems to be to focus all thoughts and emotional energy to higher level purposes and effect our own lives accordingly.

Sai Baba #2

I mentioned that I've gone back to prayer in my previous email. I am not just referring or pray/meditation, but rather an all encompassing body wish/desire to be in communion with the divine or divine energies. Sai Baba (see above), Buddha, Osho, and about 10,000 other Gods are known around here for worship. Diana is in direct communication with all of these spirits, not unlike shamans.

My understanding is that most shamans are working with spirits and spirit bodies of animate and inanimate mater that exist within a location called the middle-world. But, there's also a low-ground world and a higher sky world that appears to be unknown to most shamans. This is where teachers in the sky come from. These worlds are mirrors of God and God's love. Shamanism was always based on reverence for ground, water, trees, fire, air, etc. Christ was somewhat of a shaman, he loved water, ground, etc.; however, he had some fear of fire. R., you may recall this because you often spoke to Christ in one of your past lives, you knew him well as a close friend.

Nepal seems to be an unusual place for Diana, in that, more spirit bodies are collected here than any of the 23 other countries she has traveled to. When she goes to any place, these spirits are awaiting her so she may channel their love. When she begins her work they collect. She often recounts that she is pregnant with all this energy and must begin working with people.

When we come in contact with people in our life, we always have a past life connection with the people we meet. I'm not referring to de jevu or that person reminds me of someone, but more like the feeling of I've met this person before. Everyone is a mirror for ourselves. When we travel or move to other places, this is because we have a past life connection with that given location. If we get sick, have mishaps, or help people, we are always working with our karma.

When working with people, a healer/teacher, may work with the persons energy after their body has been cleaned. This is Kundalini energy of course and this energy rises from the ground (God) to the sky (God), same, same. In the course of its journey the energy raises through the energy centers. The three lower are connected to Maslow's hierarchy of Earth/physical needs - he was a channel. He stopped his diagram at self awareness and mentioned something of transcendence, but actually it goes more something like this. At the 4th or heart chakra, we begin to know love. Love of self, others and all things in the universe. R., I'm sure you touch this place in meditation.

The 5th, or throat chakra, takes us into creativity. Most artist live in this chakra. If you do not have a teacher on the ground, it's easy to get stuck in this chakra. The 3rd eye, 6th chakra, opens the doorway to view past lives and see 'into' time. And, finally the 7th, crown chakra opens our direct channel to God. Diana has this channel, but I feel that it may extend even further. She is actually able to travel the cosmos. There she meets many teachers. John the Baptist was her first really big teacher and she still works with him often. She may also approach computers in the sky; these are definitely not solid state. Realize, this information is been collected from Russian to English, as I've taught her English over the past 7 months.

These computers work something like this. When she's working with a person, she may look into there mind to see there pictures. She may 'read' both of you by looking at my pictures of you in my head. If she has a photo or may look into your eyes, she may know all of your past lives. She usually only interested in your most important lives where you had realization of your program.

She's always scanning. She may watch people's dreams. And, she may open her channel and deliver your picture to the computer in the sky and she can retrieve any information about you, past/present/future. This is not the same as when she looks into your body and sees your sickness. R., you have a big issue coming with your Gall Bladder and Liver. Your nerves and your past life, and current life mistakes (sorry, but this is a bigger and more sensitive topic for your ego) are creating this sickness. I do not have a picture of you, so Diana's knowledge is somewhat limited.

When Diana and I first met, she scanned me and found that I was the first alien from her home galactic (solar system) that she had met on the planet. A brief summary goes something like this. She has had many past life trauma and dramas in this life. Death has been very close to her. As a channel, it is difficult for people to die around her. When she leaves Russia, it's very common for people around her to have died upon her return. We now have flowers on about 15 of the 16 plants on our roof. She started watering them even though they were all dead twigs. 3 days later these 15 plants produced flowers; most of them have no leaves, only dead twigs with flowers blooming out of the ends. This kind of work has been typical of her life.

Nevertheless, her son died in a tragic car accident. Her friend shaman and she both new when it was to happened and he was warned incessantly to leave Moscow before the first
snow hit the ground. Diana and her son had more than a special relationship. He was a channel as well and had many special gifts. One drunken party night for the 2 in Venice had them come upon an ambulance in the early morning hours were a woman was about to deliver a baby. She didn't make it to the hospital and Diana's son talked her into delivering the baby. Diana gave energy to the woman and commanded her to look into her eyes. This produced a natural anesthetic and the woman gave birth with no pain laugh and smiling. The driver sat watching in awe and after delivering the woman to a hospital, took the sober Mom and Son out for another drink. He knew that they were not doctors and felt that Diana was doing this for the first time, but somehow felt this was perfectly OK. He had also received a dose of Diana's energy.

I have enclosed this picture taken on our trek from Pokhara to Muktinath in Nepal. Here Diana is spinning a 100 year old Tibetan prayer wheel donated by the Dali Lama to the Holy Pilgrim site for Buddhists and Hindus at Muktinath's front gate.

This is after 8 days of trekking with this being the final big Umph! day up to the higher elevations of the pilgrimage site. Diana has a collection of many pictures like this where her channel of energy is captured by the camera.

There was no sun shine and no flash for the camera. I have the same picture taken of myself without the added attraction. Of course, now I can do this in Photoshop and post my picture as well. Check back later.

With the death of her son, Diana began spending nights sleeping or not sleeping on broken glass. When walking and laying on broken glass we are working with the element fire and we issue a self spoken command (1 of 4) to give all of our pain to the glass. When Diana began to come out of her shock of the lose of her son, she told her close friends that she had issued and ultimatum to her teacher in the sky. Instead of working with many, many people for healing and business advice, she said she would only continue living on the planet if her teacher gave her one very difficult student that was directly connected to cleaning her karma so she may have her last life on the ground. Consequently, when she scanned me in Pune, India in May, her teacher dropped the bomb. She was told that her teacher in the sky and my teacher in the sky had been working 1 year to bring us together to begin working on our programs. Sounds like the Mutant Message, doesn't it.

Now that you have a little glimpse of some of the assumptions I have and why I hold them, I'll give you a taste of how this all effects (or may effect) your lives. Please keep in mind that Diana may only do the most work with you in person and then she does nothing other than open her channel and let other spirits work with you. Of course, you must drop that ego and open to healing. Fortunately, Diana is usually given a key to destroy your ego from your teacher within the first couple of seconds of your first meeting. So now I may convey some information to only your ego, but if you may feel what I am saying and what Diana is channeling you may truly begin working with this information as though you were both in Nepal.

R., you have a special situation. As my mirror, you and I share a trait not found in many on the planet. You and I have the capacity to use the left and right side of our brains on an equal basis. We all know from psychologist that this is not common. Diana shrugged aside most of your questions and inquiries about vibrations, shaman, books, etc. She only asked me if you had any physical defects. I have a pointed head, flexible chest, 2.5 testes, etc. This is from having an alien background; this is part of the longer galactic story of beings jumping around the galaxies, etc. Only aliens are leaders on the planet. No earth born soul has an important life on the planet, it's simply not how it works. Nevertheless, I could only recall the closeness of the setting of your eyes. She smiled at this one.

I may chose what to tell you and what not to tell you. Often, it is taboo to speak of some things concerning a persons program. You know the ol' you can't teach someone, if they're not ready to learn. And, sometimes it is taboo to speak of some of a person's information because they have chosen to take on this karma. What benefit would a person get if they were blind or lame and you tried to explain to them it was by choice. Either they already know and accept it or they're not ready to. With that in mind, R., you have an interesting plight.

You're not an alien but a fallen angel. Do you know the story of falling angels. There's a very disturbing and somewhat B-grade movie with Christopher Walken about fallen angels. It tells the story well, but is pretty dark. The idea is that angels were totally loved by God, he made humans and began loving them, and some angels became jealous. Their jealousy drove them into the darkness and they became fallen. This is you. Really you!

Now, what is of interest with this is that you have many special powers. I would ask you to lay aside all understandings of shamanism, this may be totally out in left field. These powers concern your ability to work with love and energy. Obviously, this as been totally transformed, but has allowed you to have many interesting life times. You and your father both lived in Atlantis and you've been a holy man many times. Now, you have a very difficult life and this is only due to repeated mistakes and past life karma. I can't psychoanalyze you or my own problems to fix them, but Diana may help. Reading books, living life, toying with ego, beliefs systems, etc. will not fix this karma either. This is really work, and you may or may not chose to do it. It's your life either way. Am I sounding like your father yet. No, Diana says his problem is similar to your own. I'm sure we all agree that when I say problem, I really mean opportunity to grow - I'm just avoiding the
psychological blah, blah.

So your program, R., should you decide the time and place and state of mind is right, is to begin working with your body. You must begin to feel your body, nerves, and your sickness. Diana may not help you with your problem until you undertake your own program. Both, you and your father, have a trait of flying. This is similar to myself and somewhat hard to translate. Flying may mean having a beautiful idea and never having material realization of the idea on the planet. Or flying may refer to unassisted journeying and meditation. But, usually flying means you're spending time in the sky and not working with ground energy. We feel closer to God when we fly, but we're really avoiding our Earth based program. This is the idea behind Shamanic reverence for the earth, trees, air, fire. So, R., both you and your father fly. Your mother loved you both and she kept you both on the ground. You now see what's happening to your father. It's not really mental, but then again, it is. He's flying and has know one keeping him on the Earth plane.

Now, Y. is keeping you on the Earth plane. You are very difficult for her, even though she loves you very much. She's somewhat afraid of you. That's not really the correct translation, but Diana meant something by it. I've heard it before with her work with people. You may help Y. with her sickness by beginning to work with your body. You must begin cleaning your energy and having realization of your body. It is your temple. Stop flying. You're so use to working with light energy as an Angel, but may not use it or have that realization in the earth plane. This is part of your karma.

Y., I apologize for not having had the opportunity to meet you, but I must tell you that Diana is also working with your sickness. She says R. may not (will not?) have kids, but I do not know if this effects your future or not. You are acting like R.'s mother, not replacing her mind you, but are helping to keep him on the ground. This is connected to your karma as well and is very beautiful. You're like his shield - I don't know if that's the right translation or not.

In regard to coming to Nepal. You may both come and Diana may work with you both. It sounds like you need lots of work R. and she may only help you as you are willing to be helped and do your own work. You're right in your ego being your biggest problem - this is directly connected with this far fetched angel thing. I remember your writing of the mysterious stranger story all the time. It sounded a bit like playing God, Angels and Devils, if I remember correctly.

The toughest news may be about your own life satisfaction. If you do not begin working, your body sickness may prevent it in the future. Diana says your problem is like a sore tooth. If you have a touch ache, you really can work on anything else because you can't focus. This is the same with your Angel energy. You're in a physical body and can do nothing with this lost energy. Diana says she may write and entire book about your story. When she receives information from the sky computer it's in story-book, picture form. When she writes or speaks in Russian it goes through one translation and then another to get into English.

I have pretty much opted to tell you everything because I feel that you know your ego tells you that you may do anything in the world. Can that really always be true? You already know this is a big problem (no judgment from me - I'm in the same boat). I think of the 12 step programs for alcoholics and remember the affirmations concerning giving up everything to a higher power. I can give you one example involving my cooking in Nepal. I'm assembling masters pieces with food I don't even know. I'm amazed everyday. I just get in the kitchen and get out of the way of my ego.

And as far as life satisfaction goes, this seems to be just as difficult for you - you know, that karma thing again. Nonetheless, writing may be your only course of action. Use both sides of that brain and don't hold back on humor through sarcasm. This is a beautiful gift. But, of course, this seems to be of little importance if you don't first focus on your temple. Your body, its energy, your future health and your wife's depends on you. Really!

No one said it was going to be easy. But, if it wasn't difficult, would it be any fun?

Lots of Love from
Marc (Brother Everest) and Diana (Daughter Sky)