Nepal Energy Information Center

September 20th, 1997
Salt Water Cleansing - Preparing for work.

As I watch Diana work with new clients on a day to day basis, I've come to notice that her treatments and program that she sets for each person varies depending on the individual. This reminds me of Edgar Cayce's channeling work to a great degree. Most of his recommendations given in a 'trance' state were also based on karma, pastlives and systems theory (same as holistic) of how the body works. But, most importantly, it seemed to be the individual's own needs and requirements that were part of one healing process.

For many individuals, one common process of the healing and awareness program begins with the use of a simple remedy in the form of heated salt water.

Elixir of Health
Not so secret recipe for salt water cleansing

2 Liters Water - boil to tea drinking temperature
1 T Natural Salt -
preferably natural salt from a ground source
Lime/Lemon -
if required to off-set taste
1/2 Liter Serving Cup
An Alarm Clock -
set to 5 AM for 7 days
Extra TP

This remedy also has some ritual requirements that should be followed in order to achieve the maximum benefits.. Diana says the organs of the body have open channels in the early morning hours between 5 AM and 7AM. This is the best time to drink salt water and a common time in most religions to have a morning ritual. Most people I have met who have a life schedule awaking with the sun have struck me as similar in one regard. All of them seem to think that anyone not awaking at dawn every morning has somehow not figured it out.

Diana also says that salt from a ground source is better than natural sea salt for effective cleansing. Sea salt has the same mineral composition as our blood and is too easily assimilated into the body. Working with ground based salt is working with ground energy and is better for cleaning the body. It will draw impurities out of the body instead of being processed by it.

Boil the water, add salt, squeeze some lime and pour your first of 4 delicious cups of home brew. Here's the next set of directions; namely North, South, East and West. Start in a comfortable direction. East represents the Water element so see how that one grabs you. As you drink stay standing and facing the selected direction and beseech your higher power in prayer. Acknowledge water (if that's the direction for the element you have chosen), feel what water feels like - feel water in your body, on your body, and swimming in it. Buddhist may chant Om Mani Padme Hum, Hindus may say Om Nama Shivaya (Shiv-y-ya), Christians the Our Father (Lord's Prayer), and Jews, Muslims (well I don't know all the religions, yet). All the reverence in the name of Water. Of course, if you love the taste of hot salt water or are working through atheism, you may stand there all by yourself and pour your second cup.

Each direction follows. East is for Water, West for Earth, South for Fire, and North for Air. If something overwhelms you or you begin to feel familiar, realize that this remedy as been around for the duration of life on Earth and you surely picked it up in a pastlife somewhere.

Also, you may find yourself with a full stomach, even after the first glass. The idea is to get the water out of your stomach and into your intestines and you may assist with the process with a few exercises. You may do these as often as required. Start by jumping up and down while drinking... no, just kidding. Diana says these are beautiful for people who have problems with dodo'ing on a daily basis.

Exercise 1 - Raise your arms over your head (of course you'er still standing) and sway them left to right.

Exercise 2 - Spread your feet shoulder width apart and spin your body at the waist from left to right. Let your arms swing with your body. Feel the stretch in your lower back and abdomen.

Exercise 3 - Bear with me on this one. It's hard to show and explain. Put your feet together. I'll explain in 2 separate parts you may try one at a time to make it easier. 1.) Bend your knees and squat as though you've been doing Yoga for 20 years and can touch your butt to your calves and heels of your feet 2.) Reach with your left hand and touch the tip of your index finger to the outside of your right foot. Now try to do both together with your head facing somewhat forward. If your in the correct position, you should find your left elbow touch the outside of your right knee when you're in the full squat position. Come back later for the Audio-Visual file if you don't get this description. Of course the idea is to dodo, not to cause a hemorrhage - so, take it easy.

Exercise 4 - Rub the bare stomach with the palm of right your hand clockwise 21 times and counter clockwise 13 times. I'm not sure that all these details are significant.

Exercise 5 - the yogic cobra position is also good as is other exercises that get the intestines stimulated. On the back with legs bicycling in the air, etc.

Diana says this cleansing program is to clean the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, gall bladder and a few other odds and ends. This program may be used with common colds, high blood pressure (it's important to have the natural ground salt in this situation), gas, high temperature and others. As with any cleansing program, reactions vary from people to people. Problems with constipation can require an initial cleansing with an herbal diuretic a few days before the salt water cleansing begins. People having special circumstances should email us an inquiry before setting out on this program at

The most exciting part of this program can come at any moment. Have the bathroom door ready and the entrance way cleared. Realize your body and its reaction may vary. Some people see no difference until the 3rd day and others find this incredible, if not unbelievable, after their own first day experience. The toilet activity should be finished by 8 AM.

It's important not to drink alcohol or have spicy food during this program. You will be taking your digestive track back to its childhood state and this is really serious work, not play. This program should be continued for 7 days, every day at 5 AM. The program may be continued into the second week, but then on an every other day basis.

After 23 or 25 years of age, Diana says all people may drink salt water once per week as a diuretic and to keep the immune system up to par for the body.

My Own Personal Salt Water Adventure
Now you must realize my first time drinking this concoction was on a 12 day trek during the beginning of monsoon in Nepal. All my education - religious and medical anyway - tells me salt water is given to make you throw up.

We had intermittent use of electricity in the guest house where we were staying. I had my flashlight and candles ready. I cleared the path to the toilet, not knowing exactly what to expect. I met a women who undertook ayurvedic cleansing in India and the response time to the herbal remedy she drank was almost instantaneous. I put a blanket on the bathroom floor, as I had been in such pain in the last few days, I could see my toilet attempts taking me to the point of exhaustion. Diana finds this remarkably funny even today. She saw me making preparations before going to bed and asked what I was doing. I simple said, "I just want to be comfortable." I spent several hours on the bathroom floor in White Field, India and Delhi, India. In Delhi, Diana's teacher said that I may die, but she didn't tell me this until much later.

I awoke before the sun cleared the 5 giant Nepalese mountains that surrounded us. I was happy for the second time because I footed the extra $1.50 for the room with a western bath and solar heated, luke warm water shower. I didn't even bother to bargain when I saw the western toilet the first time. I had to go to bad at the time.

I bundled in Nepali Blankets and several layers of clothing to keep the chill off my body. After I forced down my first cup of hot salt water, I simply couldn't see how I could go further. "2 Liters of this ghastly stuff?", I thought. There ain't no way. I had no lime or lemon and Diana hadn't even told me that flavoring was allowed.

But, I fell back on the past days' experience with stomach pain and traveler's diarrhoea. I was practicing Om Mani Padme Hum, the Tibetan Buddhist chant while carry a small rock I picked up for collecting energy from the area. I used this chant for flying when the worst of the daily stomach pain would hit. I had little or no pain if I kept my stomach empty. But trekking 4 to 8 hours per day meant I had to have something in my system. So I began with the same chant to assist me through the agony of drinking salt water. I kept thinking, "Will I throw up and have to start all over again?"

On the second cup, I went past Om Mani Padme Hum and found an anchor from deep within my past. My mother always gave me Chicken Flavored, Lipton Cup of Soup when I was ill. I had a game that I use to play with the soup. I would launch a saltine cracker like a ship into the middle of the sea of soup. Then my spoon would go fishing for noodles to load aboard the ship. As more noodles arrived aboard, the ship would become water-logged, break apart and sink. Then I would consume the soggy cracker. The anchor for me was the grand finale. When all the fish and ships had been consumed, the remaining sea-soup was always incredibly salty. Every time, I would drink this salty soup to the last drop.

So the salt water became my childhood remedy and when I went back to chanting Om Mani Padme Hum I began to take in the soup like it was nectar from the Gods. Every swallow became delicious. I began a rhythm of Om Mani (drink), Padmi Hum (Swallow), breath, Om Mani (drink), Padmi Hum (Swallow), breath. In these moments I was consumed by the sacredness of my actions. Reverence for salt water was really reverence for myself.